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Manakeep 728x90
(May 13, 2013)
(May 02, 2013)
will be on Hols - 4-12th May, don't miss me too much :P
(Apr 29, 2013)
anyone else having issues logging in?
(Apr 10, 2013)
anything going at the weekend??
(Apr 08, 2013)
Yippee, only one more day of Hytbold dailies to do before the town is rebuilt :)
(Mar 30, 2013)
Anything going tonight?
(Mar 23, 2013)
Finally got back in myself. Needed a reboot and logging Zokaran in first
(Mar 23, 2013)
im in now.. are you coming?
(Mar 23, 2013)
now I try to log in a another char.. that gets me even further.....:/ but still not in
(Mar 23, 2013)
I restarted computer.. that got me a little further
(Mar 23, 2013)
what the devil.. I cant get in either:/
(Mar 23, 2013)
same with Rheta
(Mar 23, 2013)
sorry guys, got fully chucked out, no returnpossible
(Mar 21, 2013)
(Mar 21, 2013)
So Easter is coming!
(Mar 11, 2013)
Yeah, just got a Battered Ring of Rohan from Bugud. Now, when are we heading to Erebor so I can finish upgrading it? ;)
(Mar 08, 2013)
New Instances!!!! we need to do them ...
(Mar 06, 2013)
more game content... never seen that coming :)
(Feb 25, 2013)
Weekend March 2nd 2013 who is on???
(Feb 17, 2013)
Kinrun? finishing of Fornost, last two runds?